Concept Design Process

Manufacturing is the final step in your product creation journey.

It's the stage you have been waiting and preparing for - getting your bright idea ready to be produced and out into the market (YAY!)

There are many manufacturing methods available to you, and it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to identify the right one. The Inventor's Hub can get you onto the right track with manufacturing by utilising our incredible partnerships across a wide range of industries. We've done all the research, so you won't have to!

Save time and resources with The Inventor's Hub during the Manufacturing stage of your product creation journey. We are specialists in identifying how you can maximise production and reduce costs, whilst helping you create a stronger and safer product for your customers. 




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Ready to start Manufacturing your product? Let's catch up and make sure you have all previous bases covered to help reduce any manufacturing issues that may pop up!

Book an exploration session with your very own project manager (ie. your new design BFF), and receive one hour dedicated to brainstorming your idea with an industry expert! Identify if you are 100% covered and  ready to start manufacturing!

We'll provide the butcher's paper, textures, modelling clay & caffeine (or decaff if that's your thing) to get your prototype rolling! 

Expo Sessions are available In Person or Via Skype - so no matter where you are in the world, we have you covered.






Each project is completely unique, meaning the cost of each manufacturing run will be quoted for on an individual basis. 

To get the ball rolling on starting your manufacturing process, book your Exploration Session to receive your personalised quote.

If you decide to pursue Manufacturing with the Inventor's Hub, you will receive a credit of $75.00 on your project, meaning your exploration session is FREE (plus, don't forget all the other FREEBIES you will receive with your Expo Session)


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