In the product development industry I sometimes hear a bit of hesitation towards new ideas as well as challenges. Particularly in the manufacturing sector.
As a young whipper snapper myself, I find these views to be challenging in and of themselves. After all, the industrial revolution was built on innovation!

Innovation and new ways of thinking are always needed to push civilisation forward. Without it, what are we as humans? As Albert Einstein once said 'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'.

Some people like to be clear cut on the way things 'should' be done or that favourite phrase people tend to use 'It's always been done this way'. These suggestions are great for certain applications such as chemical handling and road safety, but even these had innovation along the way. New ways of thinking and different perspectives help create the perfect breading ground for innovation. One of the main reasons being part of a community of forward thinkers or at least engaging with futuristic concepts is such an asset to our way of thinking. 

What I think we can draw form the history of mankind and great innovators like Einstein, is that without innovation the human race would not be where is is today. Innovation is key to our survival both individually and as a society. 
New ideas, then, are not something to be feared, but rather to be rejoiced. It doesn't matter if your idea has not yet been perfected, not yet been thought through

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