Hi, I’m Megan! 

I am a 24 year old Zimbabwean-born, Australian-living rock star (or so my Mum tells me). I am also the founding director of The Inventor’s Hub. I created the hub to help others explore and discover their own creativity. Why did I do this, you ask? Because I honestly feel that creativity is stifled in today’s corporate-minded society. I wanted to provide a space where inventors could access all the resources they need in one place. 

I’ve been immersed in the design and manufacturing industry from day dot. Most parents put their children in day care, however my Dad put me in a factory. Child labour anyone? Just joking… I got paid in pocket money…. CHA-CHING! 

Being exposed to this (slow moving) industry throughout my life encouraged me to create a truly unique and inspiring environment. Something totally different, completely supportive and entirely holistic. 

Being an Inventor in this day and age requires you to go to around…7 million different places to get your idea off the ground. How FRUSTRATING is that!? The Inventor’s Hub provides a one-stop-shop for creatives and innovators alike (cue sigh of relief here). 

We are also ‘happy and healthy planet conscious’. We are dedicated to being a centre of resourcefulness - focusing on sustainable solutions using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. 

Welcome to the Inventor’s Hub!